Bitlife Mod Apk Download 2022 (God mode/Unlocked Bitizenship)


Download Bitlife Mod Apk latest version with god mode and unlocked bitizenship, enjoy the game about your lifestyle that shows the cost of good and bad choices
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But life is a simple game that replicates lives by permitting people to make their own decisions. In reality, the contrasts for each option differentiate our lives from one another. In bit life mod apk, you will get no ads, bitlife god mode mod apk, and unlocked bitlife bitizen mod apk. You cannot enjoy all such features in the original gameplay. Now you can enjoy the game to its maximum potential. All the modified game features add too much fun to the game.






Winning and losing are realities that most of us have to go through during our existence. Have you ever took a second and evaluated the judgments or decisions you have made in your life? BitLife game is focused on a fundamental principle which many people seem to forget. But life is a game in which you have got countless options to do things and change life’s direction accordingly. For best Simulation gaming experience you should consider some of the similar games like CELL OF SINGULARITY, IDLE FACTORY TYCOON and PRISON EMPIRE TYCOON.


It takes too long to go from being a fetus to a dying older man. BitLife hacked mod apk infuses and dismantles every phase of a man’s life into a variety of situations. That, of obviously, comprises equally terrific and terrible choices. Nobody will ever discourage you from doing what you want, even though it is not the most ingenious idea for you. If you decide to do it anyway, you may face harsh consequences.

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Key Features of Bitlife Mod Apk


Zero ads

Ads interrupt your gameplay. There are loads of ads that come into work while you are playing the game bitlife. But you can now get rid of advertisements if you download bitlife android mod apk. You can play the game without having any trouble and peacefully.


Because BitLife simulator mod apk focuses on its participants to uncover and develop their unique storylines, players can do what they want in the gameplay. And your activities will dictate whichever direction you proceed. As a sperm, you commence your journey. You’ll be able to view all of the related choices for chosen personalities. Do as you please, develop your independent judgments, and evaluate if they are true or false.

Life Contentment

This is amongst the most crucial figures since it defines your quality of living and happiness in life. Everything is more inclined to go in your favor if you are enthusiastic, and that you will find joy by doing activities. Little contentment would signify that your people are prone to depression. Consequently, the person gets less productive in every endeavor in something they engage.

Health and smartness

If you wish to lead a satisfying lifetime, you should have a healthy lifestyle. It would enable individuals in more activities, increase their motivation level, and prevent leading a life that is just too limited and incomplete.


People should be intellectual to comprehend what is going on out there entirely. Consequently, you must pay some attention to acquiring more knowledge on exciting topics to improve your intellect.


Physical appearance

Your parents deliver you the traits you possess when you have been conceived. It shouldn’t be an issue if the face is awful or gorgeous. All of this can be customized in BitLife Life Simulator mod apk. All you need is bitlife mod apk unlimited money to get by the process. Therefore, if you’d like to boost your beauty, you should get facial surgery that will convert your face into a Leonardo Dicaprio doppelganger.


Working and chilling

Working hard might be the dullest pastime, but you can’t prevent this because it pays well. You’ll require income to keep your firm functioning, buy everything you want, and take care of your kids. Going partying once a week is indeed a brilliant idea. It assists you in relieving stress, all the while permitting you to connect with people. Who might be a future partner for you?


It’s essential to maintain your athletic performance to look much good and captivate numerous persons. Additionally, having a good fit allows you to keep your good physics. It can be helpful in a wide range of circumstances, as in when criminals visit your property or whether you’re combating jerks.

Getting yourself educated

Learning has always been the most guaranteed tool for achieving excellence. Nevertheless, teaching techniques are tedious and uninteresting, and finishing your training will take a considerable amount of time. If you can’t even bear it, there are potential solutions for accomplishment.

Doing illegal stuff

If you are unable to earn enough cash at the gambling, wagering is not really for you. Why not think of some other business then? The unlawful paths, in any instance, aren’t that horrible for you. You may make billions executing criminal stuff or trade if you are not getting caught.

Life in jail

Nonetheless, to those that are unfortunate enough to find themselves in bars, living can be gloomy. You never have anything to do even when in jail, leading to reduced fitness, sadness, and other troubles. Consequently, if you believe you can’t just take it in any further, you would perhaps arrange a breakout to restore your independence. You could also demand that your punishments be removed.

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How to download and install Bitlife Mod Apk

  • Download the mod apk file in your device
  • Go to the download location and click install
  • Follow the steps shown on the screen
  • Complete the installation process and enjoy playing


BitLife Life Simulator mod apk allows you to live the whole life you desire. There are situations whenever you aspire to continue living a life diverse from your previous one but have never had the confidence to do it again. Do not, however, worry; you may well see for yourself if the existence you’ve usually fantasized is fulfilled. BitLife mod apk is another simulation service that allows you to experience real personal experiences that you’ve never seen before. Play this fantastic game and share it with your friends too. 

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