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Download Criminal Case Mod Apk with unlimited energy and money, enjoy the best detective game, look for all the evidences to reach the criminals
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A murder happened in a city, and as a great police officer, you have to investigate the case to reach the criminal. The first case that you will get has occurred in Grimsborough. Some so many notorious criminals are wondering in this town.

So many people have lost their lives at the hand of these criminals. The city does not have a true detective who can go after these killers while seeking all the shreds of evidence. This is precisely the reason of your hiring! But the gameplay becomes more intriguing with unlimited energy and money, and the city presented in the criminal case is filthy and filled with corruption and devils. But you will investigate all the happenings and make things better for everyone.


You have to seek all the clues hidden in the game and become the best detective in the world. To reach the criminal, you have to analyze different sorts of samples too alongside your investigations. Your investigations will lead you to the murderer. So make sure not to miss any point, and your research on the case must be perfect.

Key Features of Criminal Case Mod Apk

Unlimited money and energy

The work in the game exhausts you, as a result you lose your energy. When you play the game and do the work, you get exhausted and lose your energy. But in criminal case unlimited energy mod apk, you will never run out of power. You can also enjoy countless money so that you do not have to worry about in-game purchases,

Starting your investigation

In your first case, you have to find the murderer of the young woman. This accident happened at the entrance of the city. You have to look into all the details and see all the hints that the murderer has left behind. The research will begin with weapons and the dead body in criminal case cheat android mod apk. You have to send them to the lab to start the examination of the corpse.

Collecting pieces of evidence

As you begin your investigation, you will find out that the killer is not expert and wise and left so many hints behind. You can find his hair, nails, skin, and even fingerprints. Use the data you got from the crime scene. You have to take the help of the police to get precise information about the city’s residents.

It will help you in the identification of the criminal. If everything goes according to plan, you have to come back to the crime scene and look for more evidence. There can be a tiny thing that will help you reach the criminal. These little details make the criminal case mod apk exceptional to play.

Use your intellect

You cannot play this game without being an illogical person. You have to use your mind and logic everywhere while playing the game. Even if you find all the necessary evidence and get adequate support from the police, it will still be hard to find out the actual criminal. So you have to work intelligently to reach the criminal. If you are clueless, investigations will lead you to the final criminal in criminal case mod apk.

Investigating witnesses

Witnesses can be very helpful to you in criminal case tebaru mod apk. They can inform you about the behavior of the person who is murdered. If there was any abnormality, then they will open up about it. A good conversation with them can give you many clues. You cannot proceed in the game if you are not paying attention to the deep points. Make your observations great and pinpoint.

Look for all the murderers

The initial city in which you are introduced is very gloomy and full of corrupt people. You will find out the town has no rules. You can end all the corruption and make things perfect by looking for the boss. He can be the most intelligent person, but it is not impossible to reach him.

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How to download and install Criminal Case Mod Apk

  • Move to the bottom and click download on the page
  • You will move to another page where you have to click the download button again
  • The download will take a couple of seconds to start
  • Go to mobile settings and let the third-party apps run
  • Uninstall the previously downloaded version
  • Go to the file manager and install the file


In criminal case mod apk, the game starts with the crime scene. This crime can take place anywhere in the city. You can take places like some forest, victim’s car or house or even alongside the road. The gameplay gets complicated when it occurs in some tight space because it can have lots of evidence, but they are difficult to find.

We can say that the criminal case is a perfect game if you are into games where a detective is required. You can enjoy the game for hours without getting bored of it. Download game criminal case offline mod apk and share it with your friends too.




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