All of the trademarks, registered products, company and logos on the website are the property of their rightful owners. APK ALL IN ONE endures all the acts and regulates under the federal DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act). Therefore, the website abides by acknowledging all alleged notices and infringement complaints under the DMCA and any government law.

Under any allegation, we may disable or remove the content of any material. But the material should fall under any trademark or registered company. Any claim of infringement will result in contacting the developer or employee who submitted the claimed material with a counter-notice. Indeed, we will accord the request responsibly and work through the infringement process under DMCA.

An owner to contact any legal assistance for the Notification or notice of Infringing Material. Moreover, the party should understand the obligations and rights under the DMCA act or any other government citizenship laws.

Any notice intended to acquiesce with APK ALL IN ONE rights and allegiance under the DCMA Section 512© and safe harbour provisions of 17 U.S.C. APK ALL IN ONE will not stand account for any kind of legal advice for anyone.

Notice of Copyright Infringing

  • To file infringing content, image, or material on APK ALL IN ONE, please contact us with substantial evidence according to the following details.
  • A physical or electronic signature authorized person of the website or the development team on the behalf of the owner must be on the notice for further inquiry and action.
  • For third party agencies, it is necessary to provide us with a copy of the “Physical Authorization Letter” from the content owner. After that, they can address the notice.
  • The party must provide the clear identification of the copyrighted contact, file or material that is to be claimed as infringed.
  • In case of Multiple copyrighted infringements, the party should cover them all in a single notification. The party Must provide the URLs in the email to locate the content easily.
  • The complaining party must provide reasonably sufficient information for a service provider to contact. The information must include address, active contact number and active electronic mail address for further contact.
  • The notice must have a statement of allegation from the complaining party. The complaining party and their legal agents must remain truthful and acknowledge the statement and the copyrighted content.
  • The copyright infringing statement will not be processed if it is not authorized by the copyright owner.
  • The information regarding the statement and allegation must be true. If not, under Section 512(f) of the DCMA act, the authorized party must face the penalty. If any authorized person for the complaining party misrepresents and changes the infringement statement or the subject, they must face the penalty.
  • Any false accusations and claims may result in a penalty. Thus, the complaining party will be liable for damages to the website.

To precipitate the process of the requested infringement notice, send the email to our “DMCA Designated Agent” at [email protected]

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