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Minion Rush Mod Apk Download latest version with Unlimited Money and resources, enjoy the best casual game with action to collect bananas while running
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Minion Rush mod apk is a game where you can play as your favorite Minions! The newest addition includes all the familiar gameplay elements from other versions. But there are a few new and exciting additions like adventures to explore or challenges for extra points. It was only time before we got another update since this franchise has been so popular recently. Fortunately, it didn’t take long as the eager fans were waiting, especially after playing these latest editions on mobile devices around the globe.





As we all know that every game has its limitations. Similarly, you will be unable to move forward at a certain point and cannot pass the missions. So for your convenience, we are bringing you despicable me Minion Rush Mod Apk that gives you access to Unlimited Money, Unlimited Resources, and Unlimited Purchases, No ads, and Shopping Menu Unlocked. Download now and enjoy the game to its fullest. If you are seeking for more of the CASUAL CATEGORY games then the best ones are BUBBLE SHOOTER and HAY DAY.

Minion rush mod apk offers up an absorbing experience in which players battle their enemies. They fight the battles by commanding troops stationed in strategic locations across landscapes ravaged either day or night.

Minion Rush Mod Apk Features

Unlimited Money

What if you could be invincible? Imagine the possibilities of leveling up your character and unlock new items without worrying about purchasing coins or gems. With Minion Rush download game MOD APK, there is no need for the struggle because we are providing an unlimited amount free of charge.

Shopping menu unlocked

Not to worry! There are special power-ups that will help you unlock the unlimited money in Minion Rush. These include an embedded shopping menu that ensures free purchases of any costume, including Spy Guru and more.

To get the free money, you have five options. These include a shopping tab, a magic box, an 8-bit machine, a daily gift, and a coin doubler. Each of these offers you a different amount of currency peruse. Make sure you use them wisely to get as much as possible within the shortest time and unlock all items.

No ads

We offer a non-interruption gaming interface with our mod APK for free. We won’t interrupt you while playing any missions or completing purchases so that the game can flow more smoothly.

What are some ways one might take advantage of this? For instance, if certain advertisements were slowing down their gameplay experience too much, then they could disable these types within Minion Rush new version MOD APK as well!

Boundless runners

The Minion Rush game is a running genre with the cutest and most loveable Minions on your phone! We don’t know about their race or what they are, but we still want them. If you think this would be fun for people to experience all these things, in reality, hurry up because it will only come out once while supplies last at Gameloft’s exclusive store minion rush.

Get ready for the most addicting game you will ever play! It’s a running and jumping adventure where your main goal is to reach the finish line first. You can also recruit other Minions on this journey, which gives them a fantastic new dimension in Minion Rush that has never been seen before at any point throughout the history of gaming. Download now, so we don’t spoil anything by saying too much more.

Welcome to the minion world

The Minion Rush is a racing challenge that pits four different types of Minions against one another. You can control these race-day competitors, Dave, Carl, and Jerry, to win challenges between obstacles while bypassing them altogether. The game also teaches players about how each type operates differently with their unique skillset. For example, Dave prefers running faster, whereas Mel moves at his own pace but makes up for a lost time by ducking into cover when needed most. So, he doesn’t get caught out too far ahead from everybody else over dangerous terrain like rainforests full of fiery vines waiting just for him.

The game is divided up into four different types

Power: This type of minion can withstand a lot of damage and keep running even if they take some hits to the body. They’re also able to knock down fire, ice, and laser fences too.

Agility: These minions are great at jumping over things like fences and rocks. They’re also great at avoiding lasers, pits, and other obstacles that might get in the way of certain particular types of minions like Dave, for example.

Cunning: Cunning types are quick on their feet – they can avoid the more dangerous elements the environment has to offer like fire, laser fences, and so on while keeping up with power minions to win the race.

Speed: The last type won’t slow anybody down when it comes to speed; they’re great at getting over obstacles in their path, including fences and rocks, making them a very hard minion to catch up with for other types of minions.

Costume collection

The Minions have a passion for dressing up, and in Minion Rush, you can dress your character in all the different costumes. There are spy outfits like black-suited Spy or red Cupid outfits that will make it easy to find love. Pink Dancer is perfect if Cute Doll isn’t working out as well anymore. Each costume also holds its unique skills; these range from power-ups such as speed boosts through style interfaces that impact gamers’ frame of mind while playing.

If you’re a fan of the Minion movies, this game will have you laughing for hours on end. In this game, players control their very own Minions as they attempt to complete various tasks like collecting gold coins or fighting against other evil creatures to reach level 10. With more than 100 quests available at launch and different levels which go up until 40+, there’s always something new every day.

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Minions Rush MOD APK is a technologically-developed Minion Rush modification or recreation. After going through the challenging official game, you’re needed to make top scores and play for hundreds of hours to collect coins at your leisure. We have created this Modification that offers premium features like unlimited money with an unlocked shop menu and ad-free app interface.

Save time and money with this app which is available for free on Android devices. It consists of all the same features as the original game but also offers you a fully premium experience without paying.

How to install Minion Rush Mod Apk:

  • Download the Minion Rush Mod Apk from the above link and install it on your phone.
  • Open an app called “Minion rush.”
  • Click once so that you have a black background with white lettering
  • Launch Minions rush
  • Choose any level and enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you play Minion Rush Mod Apk offline?

You can play this game both in offline and online modes.

Can you connect to social accounts in this game?

Yes, you can connect to multiple social media accounts in Minion rush mod apk

How can I get unlimited money in Minion rush mod apk?

Answer: Download minion rush mod apk from our page and enjoy Unlimited everything.


Minion Rush mod apk is a game that has been gaining popularity in the last few years. This MOD APK can be installed on your phone to give you access rights and unique features not available for purchase. This includes all of our favorite costumes and power-ups. You don’t need anything else but this single button below; click download now, then install when prompted by the manager application.


What's new

Minions, assemble! Today you begin bootcamp for Top Bananas.

Training consists of a new Endless Run mode where you’ll chase down Robonanas built to test your limits. Grab lots to top your Class Leaderboard so everyone can see your skills. Only the most talented Agents will graduate to a more advanced Class -- and the higher your Class, the more rewards you’ll earn at the end of each session.

You’ll find this new competitive mode in the new Top Bananas Room, so you can join the fun anytime!



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