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Download Swordigo Mod Apk with unlimited coins/magic, enjoy the best adventure game, fight the bosses and find hidden pieces of the Mageblade
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As we all know, games are always challenging, and at a certain point, it becomes impossible for the players to clear some level. Most of the time, boss rounds are challenging to pass. But it would be best if you did not worry now because, in swordigo mod apk, we are providing you with unlimited money, coins, health, and souls. Now you can make the upgrades without worrying about the lack of funds and clear all the levels with just a little effort.





The adventure games take you to the world where you become a casted part of some story. As a player, you get attached to the game because you make different decisions and face the consequences. We recommend you PK XD which is finest in its category and also CRIMINAL CASE as this is our editor’s favorite.

If someone kills you in the adventure games, then it becomes a moment of agony for you. It is always fun to play adventure games because they contain so much fun in their stories. Today we are introducing you to one of the best adventure games known as swordigo.

Key Features Swordigo Mod Apk

Unlimited money

To make the purchases within the game, you need to spend real money to upgrade your stuff. But worry no more because we are bringing swordigo unlimited money mod apk where you will have infinite money and upgrade armors and swords without any hesitation. Enjoy the game to its full potential.

Unlocked maps

The map of swordigo is enormous, and it will take a lot of effort to unlock every inch of it. But in swordigo hack mod apk, you will have an unlocked map. It comes with absolutely free patches that will allow you to wander anywhere you want on the map. Everything else in the game is similar to the actual game.

Countless coins

You will have unlimited coins in swordigo game download mod apk. Coins are the main currency of the game, and you will be able to buy swords and other necessary items. In the original game, you do not have many coins, and you have to make so much effort to earn these coins. And then you will be able to make your purchases. But in swordigo unlimited coins mod apk enjoy infinite coins and buy everything.

Additional mod features

  • Unlimited Soul Shard
  • infinite Magic
  • Unlimited Health


You will begin the game as a small boy. But all humanity is looking at this little boy because the darkness surrounds them, and you will play the role of this tiny boy and try to fulfill all the assigned tasks.

You have to take care of all the humanity that is being stuck in demon land. But as the boy is negligible, this will be the first time he is leaving his homeland and going out of the village. Your avatar has to go through different lands to complete the challenges.

If you talk about multiple adventure games, we can say that swordigo is one of the best. The story is fantastic, the graphics are perfect, and even the controls are intuitive and easy to use.

Magical orbs

You will come across the magical orbs in the game. The interface of the game is highly realistic and alluring. You can have access to three different kinds of balls that are magical in swordigo. You can connect these magic balls to your swords. Icy orb, black power orb, and fire orbs are some of the spheres featured in the game. All of these have their pros and cons.

Small creatures are a regular thing in the game, but you will have to face bosses to level up. There are ten different bosses, and you will need additional powers to bring these bosses down. To find the orbs, you have to embark on your journey and look for them in the lands. This will help you in killing the bosses. There is an Easy, Normal, and Hard option in the game options, and you can select your favorite hardness level according to your expertise.


Kill all rivals

If you are new to the game, then there is nothing to worry about. You will get used to the gameplay within no time. You will be able to complete all the missions without having to worry about anything. But you will have to make a little effort while playing the boss levels.

Even if you are a little boy in the game who has never been out of his house, but you still have to play the game as a warrior; your guru has taught you everything, including magical orbs and other tricks. You have to take revenge for your Guru. From climbing the mountains to running the fields, you have to kill every creature coming your way. This will help you earn free coins, and you will be able to make the best sword with these coins.

Different swords

Swords are the main element of the game swordigo mod apk. The ultimate reward of the game is the Mageblade sword. It is one of the best swords, and not everyone can make it. The games’ story revolves around this sword, and you have to find all its pieces to gather at the end of the game and bring it back to life.

There are so many different kinds of blades in the game. These are Magic sword, The Thorn, Broad Sword, The Needle, and Brass Sword, etc. All these words are available at the store of game. These swords carry superpowers, and these can be utilized to kill the bosses. The gameplay is not boring at all.

Best armors

Alongside magical powers and swords, there are armors too. Armors can protect you from poisonous stings. Your life increases with the armors, and you get prone to different attacks. Magical orbs can be attached with armors to increase their powers, and Fire orb will put more damage to the enemy. Black Magic orb will help you in retaining your life.

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How to download and install Swordigo Mod Apk

  • Move to the bottom and click download on the page
  • You will move to another page where you have to click the download button again
  • The download will take a couple of seconds to start
  • Go to mobile settings and let the third-party apps run
  • Uninstall the previously downloaded version
  • Go to the file manager and install the file


To conclude, swordigo mod apk is a perfect Android game made for kids and adults, and adventure genre lovers can also enjoy this game. The game draws all kinds of players to appreciate the good benefits here in the game. In addition, the Swordigo MOD APK installation lets you discover the actual unlimited goodies. So let’s not postpone unless you have obtained Swordigo MOD APK with the vital download button provided on our page! Enjoy the game and share it with your friends too!


What's new

- Improved compatibility with new Android versions.
- Bug fixes and other improvements.



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