Westland Survival Mod Apk Download 2022 (Unlimited Food/Free Crafts)


Download Legacy of Westland Survival Mod Apk latest version with unlimited Food and crafts, enjoy the best android game with unlimited adventure and action
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Ready to explore the Wild West in a new mobile game? You’ll love this awesome and epic survival adventure where you are tasked with rebuilding civilization after an outbreak of zombies. With its diverse open world, many different quests/missions for players to take on, and plenty of other things that can be discovered while exploring at your leisure, there is always something going down!





Being an expert in the game is not easy. And at a certain point, you give up on the game because you cannot pass any further missions. For your ease, we have come up with West Land Mod Apk that gives you access to Unlimited Food, Menu Mega, Free Crafts, Unlimited coins, and No ads. So now you can enjoy the game to its fullest. As we know that you would love to enjoy more ADVENTURE GAMES, we recommend you PK XD and SONIC FORCES which is finest in its category.

Westland Survival cheats mod apk won’t disappoint those who enjoy action-adventure style gameplay but find themselves bored by typical zombie apocalypse setups. Because not only does it bring some fresh features into play (such as crafting weapons), but it also adds all sorts of obstacles overtop existing ones we’ve seen before, such environments changing from day one.

Key Features of Westland Survival Mod Apk

Following are the MOD features

  • Free Buiding
  • Free Craft
  • Unlimited Foods
  • Free Upgrade
  • No ads

Additional Features

Survival against fugitives

In the harsh and deserted lands of Westland Survival free crafts mod apk, despite being surrounded by violence-prone outlaws at every turn, you’re not alone. That’s why players need to stay equipped with guns or weapons to defend their camps and get out on hunts if they wish, so that way, we can continue playing this game!

Enjoy the Epic survival game

Become a survivor in an immersive and exciting survival game. Explore the Wild West with its RPG elements, top-down actions, explore mystery depths while fighting for your life! Gather resources, craft your gear and protect yourself from monsters.


For those of you who are interested in a more challenging survival journey, we offer our modified version. It is free and unlocked for all gamers to enjoy! Download the Westland Survival Mod APK on this website; follow any provided instructions – including installation–to get started right away with unlimited coins as well as quick building time enabled. And don’t forget about god-like damages or anything else that comes standard when playing through a modded game.

Run through the beautiful landscapes and delve into unknown depths to uncover treasures & mysteries. Explore vast worlds that offer various possibilities: Dig deep underground, explore caves and abandoned mines, or wander through dangerous forests.

Build a shelter for Survival

Are you looking for a challenging adventure? Westland Survival updated is the place where gamers can dive into their ultimate survival challenges. With access to exciting simulations, start by building up your shelter and protecting yourself from hungry predators or pesky criminals who want nothing more than steal what’s rightfully yours! Use blueprints provided with tutorials on how to build it as desired – feel free to design things just how YOU would like them to! Once you’ve collected enough resources, your ranch will be able to grow. With it comes exciting new opportunities for success in Wild West-style gameplay!

Take advantage of wild animals

It’s been a while since I was in the Wild West. For some reason, this place always reminds me of my childhood. And how much fun it can be out there with friends or family. The gameplay allows gamers plenty of options for interaction: You might find yourself taming wild animals like horses so that they become companions.

Find valuable resources from the surrounding

Explore the vast landscapes of Westland Survival hacked mod apk and enjoy various valuable resources that you can easily collect to ensure your Survival. Explore gameplay features such as wood logging, mining oregano for food in an abandoned mansion built before World War III was even thought about!

Unlimited challenges

It’s been a while since I was in the Wild West. For some reason, this place always reminds me of my childhood. And how much fun it can be out there with friends or family. The gameplay allows gamers plenty of options for interaction: You might find yourself taming wild animals like horses so that they become companions.

Difficult to find hidden treasures

The Wild West is filled with undiscovered mysteries waiting for you to explore. Multiple treasure sites were the causes of America’s gold rush, but since they’re mostly hidden below ground level, it will take a lot of luck and determination on your behalf to dig up these areas! If lucky enough, though – when discovered–you’ll be met with life-changing experiences.

Sound and Graphics Quality

The Westland Survival is a fantastic game with unique audio experiences. It will allow you to be completely immersed in your challenges and explore the Wild West’s most authentic sounds!

Gamers in the Westland Survival mod apk will undoubtedly find themselves enjoying their incredible in-game experiences with powerful and impressive visuals.

With amazing visual effects, immersive environments, or detailed map designs, your journey into the West would be a lot more fun and enjoyable! And even if you don’t have an Android device, Gamestop has excellent deals on all sorts of devices, so gamers can enjoy smooth gameplay at any point that fits them best.


If you’re looking for a lawless land, the West is your destination. Bounty hunters and criminals find refuge in this rugged territory where cops are just as likely. If not more so, to be on their side of justice rather than against them!

You are the last survivor of your caravan, and you’re on a mission to seek revenge. When passing through this land, bandits attacked, causing everyone else in your group to die. But for some reason, they left behind an unconscious cargo with just one bullet wound. Anger has been motivating yourself and any chance encounter that may come along because nobody should be able to survive such horror without protection from themselves or others even though there’s no need when carrying firearms which can save lives quickly AND deal out justice equally swiftly.

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How to install Westland survival mod apk

  • Download Westland Survival mod apk from the link.
  • Search for the game using the Search button above the navigation bar.
  • Now open the Westland survival mod apk and follow simple steps to install it.


If you are looking for the best survival game, then Westland survival mod apk is your answer. It’s got an engaging storyline that will keep players coming back, again and again, to see what happens next. The graphics are beautiful but not too intense on old-school devices. And it has a gameplay that never gets boring because there are so many different things to do in this expansive world. You’ll love exploring all its secrets or just building up your empire from scratch!


What's new

Major Update: Unite in Alliances!
— Gold Rush! — Unite in Alliances with your friends!
— Build an entire mining town! — 6 buildings, 10 projects. Time for a large-scale construction!
— Explore the gold mining process — Set up a production chain: from mining ore to washing Gold nuggets!
— Unlock bonuses — Bar Rack or Rail Depot? Upgrade buildings to get special bonuses!
— Storyline: Chapter 3 — Join a mysterious Brotherhood? Maybe it is the only way to find your sister!



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